Thursday, December 9, 2010

Biting the Bullet

I submitted my registration/application for the FSOT. It's been two years since I last registered for the test. I feel like that timespan would be more acceptable if I hadn't made it all the way through the first attempt (or two!), but I succeeded on my first attempt! I made it all the way through! Yet, I'm still languishing on the register.

I was successful at putting the Foreign Service out of my mind, or at least toward the back, for a while, but that familiar obsession is coming back with a vengeance. I want so badly to get that call in 2011. I'd do almost anything for it.


Consular Hopeful said...

Good luck with the test and the French. I feel your pain!

The Hippo said...

I can really relate. like 90%. Except I haven't been on the register. But the words "vengeance" and "obsession" in the context of the FSOT... those sound familiar. Bon Chance!

njtworld said...

Good luck on the Feb test, B.

I know it feels weird to think about essays and bio related achievements again after being on the register, but it's nice to know that you won't have to go through the security clearance process again.