Thursday, March 3, 2011

Results Are In

I haven't been obsessively checking my email and waiting for my FSOT results letter, so I was surprised when a former study-buddy of mine back in Boston sent me a Facebook message to ask me how I did. I logged into my email account and, sure enough, there were the results for our tests. I was nervous opening my results letter. When I saw that I passed I was relieved, but I didn't feel the overwhelming happiness and joy I did the first time. In 2009, I literally screamed so loud I scared my dogs. This time I just accepted that I have a lot more hurdles that I must overcome before I can truly be excited.

I'm going to spend the next week or so crafting my PNQs. I may reuse one or two, but I need to make sure I stand out from the rest. After all, if I blow it here, I'm done for another year.


Anonymous said...

Congrats :) Much luck on your PNQ writing

njtworld said...

I passed too. Had the same muted reaction this time around. This process is so draining and there's a long way to go.

Good luck with the essays. If you've got better experiences to write about, write new ones, but I passed twice with the exact same essays, so don't change 'em just to change 'em.


That Lady, There! said...

I'm very happy to hear your good news! I had to go through twice, too, so I understand how you feel. It is exhausting, but you can do this. I second NJT's advice. I used my same essays -- because I didn't have better experiences to write about. I think I "fine-tuned" them a bit, but that's all. You know what they say: If it's not broken, don't fix it. Many hugs!

P.S. One suggestion: start thinking about a foreign language. Spanish, perhaps? For that extra .17 of a point? Or even a CNL? For another .4? More and more people are zooming to the top of the Register these days with language points. If you start studying soon, then you'll be ahead of the game should you decide to take a language test.