Saturday, June 26, 2010

2011 Will Be My Year

So, it seems that I will not be getting an offer for any of the 2010 A-100 classes. How do I know? Well, because I was placed on the register at 53, and am languishing still, after two offers, at somewhere in the high-40s. It is highly unlikely that I will be extended an offer in one of the two remaining classes with so many people coming off the DNC list, and so many more passing their OA and jumping onto the register with scores higher than mine.

Le sigh.

The Foreign Service life is nothing if not waiting, so I suppose this is to be expected. Since I have been "afforded" this extra time, I am going to commit myself to trying to change a few things in my life before I get the call, and not just mope around and sulk about how this process is taking just short of FOREVER (for those who are counting, I took my FSOT on February 12, 2009).

Some things I'd like to accomplish while I'm in Austin:

- Get out and really see the city. Make this place my true home so I always have people to come back to, and so I don't end up feeling baseless overseas.

- Make real friends, not just acquaintances. Those of you who know me know that I am a bit of an introvert when it comes to getting to know people. I tend to keep it superficial with most, though I am very attached and loyal to my small inner circle. Because I will be interacting with new people every day, and because my close friends will often be moved around every couple of years, this is a crucial skill to develop.

- Try my best to get fit. I'm a pretty big girl, and, unfortunately, built like my dad. I know that I was never meant to be skinny. That being said, I also don't want to live my life being overweight. I will always be representing America when I'm abroad, and the last thing I want to do is feed into that stereotype. Also, getting in shape is for practicality purposes; what happens if I get assigned to a post in Asia ? I was head and shoulders, literally, above most other people (men included) in India. It's already going to be difficult finding clothing there that fits a 5'10" woman. Why make things more difficult by trying to find clothes to fit one who is plus-size? And, of course, I love sports. I would like to join the Hashers when I get overseas, so being physically fit would be a great start.

- Try to learn a language. I want to get serious about this. My goal? Become at least marginally conversational in Russian, even I get called before I can score bonus points. The former Soviet bloc is of great interest to me, and I hope to specialize in that area in the future. It certainly can't hurt to learn a little something now.

I think it's good to have goals. While I may not achieve everything on this list to the extent I am imagining in my head, I still want to try. If I don't, who knows what kinds of opportunities I may be squandering. I love this city; I won't be here forever; I might as well try my best to enjoy the months I have left, right?


fsowannabe said...

Best of luck! Austin is not a bad place to call home. I'd tell you to hit Amy's and some favorite kolache bakeries for me, but that wouldn't help with getting fit ;)

Anonymous said...

2011 will be your year :)

hannah said...

Here's a hug to you from someone who took almost two years to get in. Austin's not a bad place to be if you're in a holding pattern. Don't get discouraged - if this is what you want, then keep your eye on the goal and stay positive!

FSO Hopeful said...

Thank you, folks. Like you guys said, if I have to wait it out somewhere, this is a pretty great place to do it. Of course I want things to hurry up, but I can make this work. Back to job hunting...